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150LKwikotKwikot geysers are manufactured in a world class facility in Benoni. The geysers comply with SABS standards, and what should also tell you that they are high quality is that they are ISO 9001 accredited.

Kwikot Geysers Port Elizabeth
(041) 373-0575
Kwikot Solar Geysers
814 Peter Cl, Peter Road, Durban, South Africa
031 574 8700

Kwikot Geyser (150L) Complete Pack
86 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town CBD
(021) 422 5380

Kwikot 600 Dual Geysers
Tannery Industrial Park Unit 32, 309 Derdepoort Road, Silverton
(021) 422 5380

With everything getting more expensive, not to mention the electricity bills, more and more people are left with little money to live their life the way they want to. Those who are looking to save should consider a solar powered geyser. Not just any geyser, but one that is of a high standard and very high quality, like Kwikot geysers. With them, you can enjoy the benefits of having hot water, without the high costs!

The second you decide to have a Kwikot solar geyser, you put yourself in a position to get a rebate from Eskom. In other words, you get paid to have made the wise decision of buying a geyser that is energy efficient. Buying a geyser that is powered by solar power, essentially puts less strain on the electricity supply. And the best is that, you too will save money because your household will be using less electricity.

A Kwikot geyser installation does not just start because you have decided to purchase it. They can be installed anywhere in South Africa, as long as the quality of the water is good. And the criteria for that is that they are “not suitable for areas where the mains water supply contains more than 600ppm of total dissolved solids or minerals”.

A good example of this is if your water supply comes from a borehole. If you truly desire a geyser that is powered by renewable energy, the best thing to do is to contact Kwikot directly and ask them if getting one installed is a feasible idea.

Homeowners that make the decision to fit a water heater that is powered by solar energy to heat the water up for the household, not only do they save money for themselves, they are also preserving the environment also. With less electricity being used for heating up the water, less coal will be used, which translates to less pollution for the environment.

Also, coal is a non renewable resource, so when its not used to power electricity, much less coal will be used. Getting a solar geyser will be making positive contributions in protecting our environment.

In addition to reducing the total amount of coal, switching to a green solution for your heating needs means that there will be less emissions coming from power stations that are powered by coal.

The emissions are quite evident during winter, as the haze on the sky is more evident, because more people are trying to stay warm in any way that they can. So in effect, solar powered geysers like the ones made by Kwikot, also make our health better, as we will be inhaling less of the bad stuff that results in coal burning.

If you are going to choose to get a geyser, make sure it is of the highest standard, which Kwikot can guarantee. After all, they manufactures of this high quality geyser have been in operation since 1903 (impressive right??), so you can be sure they know what they are doing!


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