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Looking for solar panels or solar geysers in South Africa? Who would blame you? With the cost of living, it only makes sense that you are looking to save money.

Solar Geysers South Africa & Solar Panels South Africa

Solar Panels South Africa

Investing in a solar geyser has a lot of benefits, some include:

Hot water will always be available – You are always guaranteed hot water, whether the electricity is cut off or not. You will already be at an advantage compared to many.

  • Save money – One of the biggest benefits of having a solar geyser is the money that you will be saving every single month. Eskom estimates that your electricity bill can be reduced by 30 to 50 %, so it is quite significant.
  • No more electricity hikes – You will never have to worry about electricity price likes, as they will never affect you after you install your solar panels.
  • You will never experience an electricity cut – You will never have to be governed by how much electricity you are supposed to use. And load shedding will be a thing of the past in your household.
  • Go green – This is the best way to go green, because you will be conserving the earth and the environment, making sure that it continues the people in it and generations to come. In numbers, you will be saving it from 3.7 tonnes of carbon gases in a year.
  • The energy you get is all clean – The energy that is supplied by the sun is totally clean, therefore there is none of the pollution that comes with electricity. The energy that powers solar geysers is natural, it is sustainable and it is totally renewable.
  • Installation of solar geysers is easy – the installation is easy and quick. It’s not some installation that is complicated or takes forever, as long as the person who is doing the installation knows what they are doing.

Yes there is a cost involved in installing a geyser that is solar powered, however compared to normal electricity, it is way cheaper. Given the fact that a geyser that is solar powered can last the average household 20 years, stretching to 30 years, it is definitely one of the great investments.

It is reliable, which to most of people counts for a lot. The benefits far outweigh the initial cost for it. So if you are looking to go green and try renewable energy, get a solar geyser.

 Types of Solar Geysers

Basically, there are 2 types of solar geysers:


1. There are the type of geysers that pump water into solar panels. the water then gets heated and then gets stored inside the geyser for use, as and when needed.

 2. Then are indirect systems. These use some sort of anti-freeze that actually circulates to the  solar panels. Once it gets there, it actually heats the water up, before the water gets taken to the geyser.

Solar Geysers in South Africa

With solar energy becoming a viable energy solution, and people looking to cut electricity costs from Telkom, solar powered geysers are gaining popularity. As a result, there are a lot of companies that are selling them.

If you want to be happy using a solar geyser and enjoy the full benefits, make sure that you are buying a solar geyser that ” meets the prescribed standards of quality and safety you need to look for an SABS mark of approval, Keymark certification, Eskom accreditation, SESSA (Sustainable Energy Society Southern Africa) membership and a five-year warranty”.

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